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New Editions

NP079-2015/16 List of Lights Vol.F
NP087-2015/16 List of Lights Vol.P
NP286(4)-2015/16 Pilot & Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops-Persian Gulf,
NP203/16-2016 Admiralty Tide Tables Vol 3-Indian Ocean & South
NP028-11TH2015 Dover Strait Pilot
NP064-18TH2015 Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot
NP007-12TH2015 South America Pilot Vol.3
NP286(8)-2015/16 Pilot Servs, Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops Pt 8 Nor
XT010-9TH2015 Tank Cleaning Guide, by Dr. A. Verwey
XB169-6TH2015 Ballast Water Management 6th Edition 2015
IMO-927E-2015 Ship's Routeing-2015
XO057-2015 Oil Tankers - A Pocket Safety Guide
NP078-2015/16 List of Lights Vol E
NP086-2015/16 List of Lights Vol.N
NP208/16-2016 Admiralty Tide Tables,South East Atlantic Ocean,We
NP286(3)-2015/16 Pilot Servs, Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops Pt 3 Med
NP042A-5TH2015 Japan Pilot Vol.2
XE103-2ND2015 ECDIS Passage Planning 2nd Edition 2015
XP008-3RD2015 Passage Planning Guidelines
NP285-2015/16 List of Radio Signals,Vol.5 Global Maritime Distre
MET515-2015/2016 Rules and Regs for Foreign Vessels Operating in U.
NP077-2015/16 List of Lights Vol.D
NP5012-2ND2015 Admiralty Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS
NP063-17TH2015 Persian Gulf Pilot
NP052-9TH2015 North Coast of Scotland Pilot
NP056-16TH2015 Norway Pilot Vol.1
NP069A-7TH2015 E.Coast Central America and Gulf of Mexico Pilot
NP076-2015/16 List of Lights Vol.C
NP202/16-2016 Admiralty Tide Tables Vol 2 Europe (Exc UK & Irela
NP286(2)-2015/16 Pilot Servs, Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops Pt 2 Eur
NP286(1)-2015/16 Pilot Servs, Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops Pt 1 UK
NP042C-5TH2015 Japan Pilot Vol.4
NP075-2015/16 List of Lights Vol B
CFR46-2014 Code of Federal Regulations
CFR47-2014 Code of Federal Regulations
CFR49-2014 Code of Federal Regulations
XM138-MROPC2015 Regulations and Navigation in Panama Canal Waters
XP134-2015 Passage Planning Guide Malacca & Singapore Straits
NP286(2)-2015/16 Pilot Servs, Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops Pt 2 Eur
NP207/16-2016 Admiralty Tide Tables,South West Atlantic Ocean an
NP042C-5TH2015 Japan Pilot Vol.4
XI034-SUPP32015 List of Coast Stations & Special Services Supp 3
XI039-2015 ITU List Ship Stations&Maritime Mobile CD-ROM only
NP074-2015/16 List of Lights Vol.A
NP045-15TH2014 Mediterranean Pilot Vol.1
NP036-8TH2014 Indonesia Pilot Vol.1
NP066A-1ST2014 South West Coast of Scotland Pilot
NP066B-1ST2014 North West Coast of Scotland Pilot
IMO-210E-2014 IMDG Code Supplement (IH210E)
XD032-3RD2015 Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse: Guideline for Own
NP100-10TH2015 The Mariners Handbook
NP048-16TH2014 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 4
NP084-2015/16 List of Lights Vol.L
NP282-2015/16 List of Radio Signals,Vol.2
NP083-2015/16 List of Lights Vol.K
NP055-9TH2014 North Sea (East) Pilot
XM069-4TH2015 Meteorology for Seafarers - B.S.& F.
NP067-12TH2014 W.Coast of Spain & Portugal Pilot
NP136-6TH2014 Ocean Passages for the World
IMO-947E-2014 A Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques 2014 EDITION
XT014-2014 Tanker Safety Guide (Chemicals)-ICS 4th Edition
IMO-200E-2014 IMDG Code 2014 Edition (II200E)